About Me

My name is Ken Pringle, but who am I? First, I am a Christian, Jesus Christ is my Savior.
I was born in Belleville Ontario Canada in 1950 the second child in a family that would become six children. Sister, Me, Brother, Sister, Brother, Sister. My parents separated in I believe about 1955. My father tried to keep us, three boys while living with his parents but I became ill, (Rheumatic Fever). I have very little memory of this period of time just small pieces here and there.

I do know that by this time my father had to take my brothers and myself to the Children Aid Society.
I do not remember that day when we became wards of the CAS. I have never seen my two brothers since. I know they were adopted by a good family in the Toronto, Ontario Canada area.
In 1994 I met my youngest sister who I had not seen since about 1955. She had been adopted and her name had been changed. She had been in contact with and visited with my brothers over the years until they became teenagers about 1965.
I grew up on a farm where they did what was known as mixed farming, dairy cattle, sheep, pigs, chickens, turkeys, ducks, geese, and horses. They grew grain, hay and a lot of garden vegetables. I loved that life, a lot of work there was always something to do. I learned a lot about life and a little about living. I had six wonderful years with “mom Weese”, I was never adopted and I remember that was a choice I made. I was old enough to know where I came from good or bad.
When I was twelve, it was in the early fall 1962. I was walking on the ice in a swamp area of Pleasant Bay when I heard the crack, in seconds I was in ice cold water to my chest. I got myself out of there and to the house within days I was in a hospital. They diagnosed my condition as Rheumatoid Arthritis and began treatment for same.
They were incorrect it was a return of the condition I had at five years of age, remember, Rheumatic Fever I had no memory of that time, I still do not. My father filled in the blank that he could years later. Now after about one-month treatment not working.
I am transferred to Hotel Dieu. Now at the ripe age of thirteen, I have been in HD for six months most of which was in bed with no activity and on some crazy treatments. One bright morning my two heart specialists, enter my room, I think whats up now?
They and their advocates with them proceed to tell me I need open heart surgery because my mitral valve has been damaged due to not being treated soon enough. Thanks, TGH.
They gave me time to think about it. I have not mentioned the angel I met at Hotel Dieu. Sister Margret Mary was a nun and a nurse, but also an angel. I talked to her about this impending surgery.
I believe we prayed about it. In the end, I said no to the surgery.
I met a fellow in HD he had been there for some time like myself. He was in the next room being treated for Leukemia when he was strong enough he would come and visit me. I am still bedridden at this time. He got to order anything he wanted to eat. He started double ordering to share the good stuff, we ate like kings for a while. The disease got stronger and he got weaker.

He could not come to visit and I could not go to him.
I insisted that I get up and around at least a little each day. With help I did and I got a little stronger. Not strong enough yet to leave the room. Then one night I heard a commotion that woke me up. I asked a nurse what is going on, she said someone, (I think she said his name) needed a doctors attention.
I met his parents that night but I lost a friend, the disease took him at the age of only thirteen. I do not even remember his name but I do remember his spirit. We will meet again.
My learned heart specialists told my CAS worker that I would not live more than six months and that was if I took it easy and did very little. They even told me, no smoking, no drinking, no strenuous activity and no sex. That was 1963 I am still here writing this today January 27th, 2018. Thank you, God, I am here for whatever it is you want me to do in your time.
I was placed with a very nice family, they owned a great little summer campground just off Lake Ontario. The lady of the house was a nurse, she was made aware that I would not be around by end of the season. What a summer. I rode around with the maintenance guy in the jeep and helped a little. We talked a lot about life and had fun. Fall arrived!
Next, OMG I lived, now what? CAS had no idea what to do with (as they called me) a troubled 14-year-old.
No one wants you when you are an outsider and they know very little about your family or background. Therefore, I was sent to a boys school for troubled teens. I became a very Bitter young man.
At 16 and on my own with no home to call my home. I went back to “mom Weese” She took me in as a border, then by the summer 1967 and almost by accident she found my older sister and reunited us. My sister reunited me with my father. From there I went on to reconnect with aunts and uncles and family I only had bits and pieces of memory of and some none at all. Then she reunited me with my mother and more aunts and uncles.
Wow! Going from no family at all to a dozen aunts and uncles all with good size families. Very overwhelming to say the least. I am not sure if I ever recovered fully.
My mother invited me to a family reunion. I met relatives I still do not know and many whom I have not seen since. These where relatives on my mothers side of the family.
I had several favourites on my fathers’ side, a couple of aunts and uncles. They lived about a half an hour apart, I would visit them whenever I got the chance.
Moving along here by the following summer 1968 I was married, my first son was born in June 1968. One year later August 1969 my second child a daughter was born.
Unfortunately, 1970 we separated. I went to college and fought to have visitation with my children. That was an education in and of itself. I drifted a lot over the next four years. Thanks for being in my life BB
Then I met a wonderful gal with four beautiful daughters, she had just left an abusive relationship and wanted to leave the area to avoid conflict with this bully she had married.
We packed up and moved to an area that had plenty of work opportunity for us both. The next six years were great, we both worked and built a beautiful life and family. Along comes 1980 and puberty for our middle girl.
We are working to give these girls what they need for life. This precious 15-year-old starts getting into trouble at school and you know the things teens get into. This one of the four was rebellious.
It was decided by my wonderful spouse, that I did not need to put up with this child’s issues I deserved better. Her words, not mine. You see we were building a great life, I was always busy building and really did not have time for this.
Although I would have done anything for these gals and they knew it. They decided that her father should step up and take some responsibility for this wild child.
This meant court dates and a lot of this fellow being around. So we did a trial separation. Big mistake, he had nothing to do with it. My spouse had the freedom to go out with the girls she worked with and discover the single life she had never experienced.
She married young and never had that freedom. That being said I never stopped her from living as she chose. She simply did not know this other life existed until now after 30 years of age. We drifted apart as great friends but that ended a great chapter in my life. Thank you, BJ.
Now 1980 my life in shambles, no idea what to do or where to go. I find myself on the road with a new fellow friend. I will not go into the next seven years at this time except to say I went from a 30-year-old child to mature at the ripe age of 37 when I met my third and current wife. We have had just over 30 wonderful years as I write this. Thank you, SP.
During the next few years, there were several career changes for both my wife and myself. Things were just gearing up in the late 80s early 90s, companies were changing to computers to replace people. This and the fact I got injured in the line of duty, lead me on a whole new quest “Network Marketing”!
I have been involved in Network Marketing since 1993 when I attended Yeager University. I then work with various network marketing companies for the next five years. Then I became interested in the internet and online ventures in 1998. I dabbled in building websites and blogs and learning all I could about what it takes to have an online business and profit from it. Wow! Over the next few years, I got my eyes opened wide. People scamming people to make a living. What did I find here and why?
You may have noticed I never said I learned to Sell, I learned to “Market”. There is a big difference. Many of the want to be Marketers I have met over the years call themselves Marketers. However, they are salespeople, not Marketers at all.
I have connected with some of the best markers and mentors there are in this industry over the last twenty plus years. I have seen repeatedly that being in this industry for the money only never works for long.
If your plan is to build a residual income to carry you into a fuller, happier and wealthier future and relaxed retirement. Build relationships with your audience, get to know their wants and needs. Then help them fulfil those needs. I was told a long ago by a wise man, “give them what they want, let them buy what they need”
That my friends is how you build longevity in your business and your friendships. Market you, not a product or a company, they will come and go. You are here to build your business and stay, right?
God is good, after my drifting for about seven years and now with new wife, I got rebaptized and found
a whole new life, Glory be to God.
November 26th, 2007 after several years of suffering and in August that year I almost bought the farm as it were.
I had open heart surgery and they replaced the Aortic valve, the main heart valve. It had apparently become badly damaged over the years.
Now I have a new plastic Aortic valve and a new lease on life, and one bad mitral valve the original damaged valve, but I have had a pretty decent 10 years and still doing great. No seizures, I am still
able to help others on their journey to develop their business and their lifestyle.